No Nasties | Anti-Ageing Nutrients and Supplements 8 of the best !
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anti-aging fountain of youth

Anti-Ageing Nutrients and Supplements 8 of the best !

Anti-Ageing  nutrients and supplements to boost your health and improve the way you look.! Ageing is a natural process in life but unfortunately, especially for women, ageing is something that has created much stigma with the media portraying younger women to be more beautiful, more stunning and essentially more desirable.

Every week there seems to be a new “miracle” anti-ageing vitamin or skincare cream. I personally have found a combination of great skincare and food-state (more easily absorbed) vitamins really does make a difference. If I had the time face yoga would be added to my list, its on my to do wish list. Below are a few nutrients that have been found to contain anti ageing properties. some good news just in red wine is anti-ageing yippeee. Enjoy!

Anti-aging Nutrients and supplements

**Vitamin E** a nutrient that has long been known to have skin rejuvenating properties, keeping it moisturised and also helping preventing sun damage (Vitamin A also protects against suns harmful rays). Also great for the immune system, blood and heart.

**Hyaluronic Acid** is also known as the ‘miracle’ molecule because of its gel-like properties occurs naturally in the body but is currently causing a bit of a stir as the new ‘fountain of youth’. It works like a natural cushion for the skin and aids in rejuvenating and repairing the skin, nerves and joints. It also hydrates the hair and skin keeping them smooth and wrinkle free. There is a current trend for skincare containing hyaluronic acid as it holds moisture well up to 1,000 times its weight in water. My personal favourite is Rodial Skincare Dragons blood range, I could feel and see results instantly and it contains no nasties!

**Vitamin K** found in collards, spinach, kale and swiss chard. If you don’t like your leafy greens (and why would you not) then make sure you’re getting a supplement. Studies have shown that vitamin K can help with heart disease, Alzheimer’s and prevents the formation of ageing dark patches under the eyes.

**Garlic** is a wonder vegetable it has strong anti-ageing properties, it is antibacterial, antiviral and full of antioxidants and should be taken daily. If you do not like the smell you can take it in supplement form, You can swallow a clove whole if you do not like the taste. I do have a friend who swears by rubbing crushed garlic on the soles of her feet any time she feels like she needs a boost or has the flu virus. However it does leave you a bit stinky for a few days, no problem if like me you love the smell of garlic but I would avoid public transport!

**Vitamin C** contributes to the anti-ageing causing the connective tissues to heal faster. It is also believed to help in collagen production which turns the skin more youthful and firm. Juice two organic oranges in the morning, add a dash of cayenne pepper and you are good to go, if having a lazy day and I won’t be breathing on anyone, I will add a clove of crushed garlic, this really makes your eyes sparkle as detoxify’s the liver.

**Niacin / Vitamin B3** found in fish, avocados, cereals, peanuts and legumes, Niacin helps in the anti-ageing process through protecting the body from harmful bacteria and viruses and at the same time it also keeps the moisture of the skin intact. It also helps the body through regulating the levels of good and bad cholesterol keeping a healthier body.

**Resveratrol** Great supplement fact, red wine is anti-ageing! as it contains Resveratrol, it is a polyphenol found in the skin of grapes and berries. Resveratrol raises insulin sensitivity, decreases glucose levels and improves cardiac health, which suggests it may help prevent type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

**Melatonin** is also believed to help in anti-ageing because it helps the body naturally sleep.The body’s cells recover when rested  from the many stresses of the day. It is also the best jetlag cure ever!


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