No Nasties | 10 Sex Life Improving Foods and Vitamins
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sex benefits of healthy diet

10 Sex Life Improving Foods and Vitamins

If your love life seems to have lost its spark, then it’s time to look your diet for answers. Naturally, feeling bloated or weighted down by heavy foods can effect your mood and performance. By eating healthier you will not only boost your libido, but you will feel sexier and look better than ever. These 10 foods are packed with all the right nutrients to perk up your sex life and improve your overall lifestyle.

**1. Red Meat**
It’s hard to believe that something so delicious and often forbidden in some diets would be on the list. However, red meat is a fantastic source of libido-boosting zinc. It has the power to curb production of prolactin, the hormone that is known to weaken sexual function. When possible, try to get grass-fed beef. Not only is it better for your health, but it contains more zinc.

**2. Salmon**
Packed with omega-3s, the nutrient known to increase circulation, this fatty fish helps surge blood flow right to your genitals. As an extra bonus, omega-3s help raise dopamine levels that make you feel good – always a plus when trying to get in the mood.

**3. Bananas**
The B vitamins found in bananas are just the thing you need to convert those carbohydrates into energy and help produce the sex hormone testosterone.

**4. Dark Chocolate**
Finally, ladies, we have a good excuse to eat chocolate! Studies show that women who eat chocolate on a daily basis claim to have better sex lives. With its ability to trigger brain chemicals such as relaxation and pleasure, chocolate releases feel-good endorphins. The just the right amounts of caffeine it is a enjoyable way to add a jumpstart in the bedroom.

**5. Eggs**
Loaded with protein and an excellent source of vitamin B6, eggs are the perfect nutrient combination to regulate your libido.

**6. Honey**
Before you get steamy in the bedroom, add a few teaspoons of honey to your tea or spread it on your toast. The magic ingredient here is boron which helps metabolize estrogen and improve arousal. Rich with B vitamins, the instant energy that honey provides will give you the fuel you need with your own Honey.

**7. Cranberry Juice**
UTIs (urinary tract infections) can put a serious damper on your sex life. To avoid them, sip on some unsweetened 100% cranberry juice. It also is a quick way to banish bloat.

**8. Flaxseeds**
These little love seeds can be added to anything from smoothies to the perfect topping for your yogurt. Full of omega-3s and omega-6s, this food helps balances out your sex hormones and puts you the mood.

**9. Oatmeal**
Eating a healthy breakfast sets you up for healthy eating the rest of the day which can make you feel sexier later in the evening. But, what makes oatmeal so special is the L-arginine that has been known to enhance feeling in the clitoris.

**10. Peaches**
Also a food that helps increase blood flow to the clitoris and enhance sex, this sensual fruit is loaded with libido enhancing Vitamin C. Have one as a snack just before you go at it.

Often the first thing people think of when it comes to sex-enhancing foods is oysters. Yes, they are a great source of zinc and do help the libido, but there are so many other nutritious go-to sex foods. Add the list above to your grocery list and stick with a healthy diet and exercise routine for the best results in the bedroom. You (and your partner!) won’t be disappointed.

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